Your Realtor in London, Ontario

As a London, Ontario realtor, we provide some of the most attractive housing options. So whether you want an area with lots of schools and parks nearby or want to check out that London nightlife, we have the perfect home ready and waiting for you.

Located slightly north of Lake Erie, London is a safe community and a wonderful place for kids. You can enjoy a relaxing cycle or jog in some of the many parks by the Thames River, dine at numerous patios in the downtown core, or spend the day with your kids visiting several exciting museums. 

What about transport? How can you get around? Gone are the streetcars, replaced by the London Transit Commission’s modern buses and rail links. London’s international airport will take you further afield. Shortly, we’ll see a new rapid transit network named Shift

What can you do for fun in the city? Despite London’s child-friendly reputation, the city is home to a surprisingly buzzing and vibrant downtown community. Check out Cowboys ranch, The Barking Frog, or Call the Office. Or, for something more family-friendly, head to Sunfest in Victoria Park, a yearly festival that celebrates the best of Canada’s art, food, music, and overall culture. Then, there’s Rock the Park, another July music event.

In the cooler months of the year, you can head to Boler Mountain for some snowboarding and skiing fun.

Further, there is The International Food Festival, a big annual event; “Canada’s biggest party”. The locals will tell you about the area’s top restaurants and dining options. So whether you prefer the swankiest fine dining experiences or adore ethnic foods, London’s got it all!

What about the kids? Well, let’s take a look at the education options: there’s Montessori, French immersion, School for the Arts, and both public and Catholic school boards. There are 154 elementary schools and 30 secondary schools on the Thames Valley District School Board’s records, 45 elementary schools and 9 secondary schools on the London District Catholic School Board in the area, and 39 elementary schools and 14 high schools on the Conseil Scolaire Viamonde. There are also 20 private schools in London. 

Post-secondary, the two largest schools are the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College. Founded in 1878, the University of Western Ontario has a brilliant research facility – this university is home to a group of famous Canadian research facilities called the U15. It has a stunning campus to boot. 

Previously known as Fanshawe College of Applied Arts, Fanshawe College is one of the largest colleges in the country. It has various campus locations throughout London but offers more than 200 programs.

And now, the big question is where to live in London? Well, there is a variety of communities that all offer their own set of unique advantages.

River Bend

River Bend is located in the Northwest area of London, on the border of the Thames River. There are loads of schools near River Bend, making it an ideal spot for children. In addition, an 18-hole golf course is nearby. However, these amenities make the neighbourhood sought-after and expensive.


Another great neighbourhood is Byron. It is also located near the Thames River, the southwest London community houses numerous middle-income families. As a result, the streets showcase single-standing homes and condominiums. 


A brand-new neighbourhood, Summerside, in the southeast, is an affordable and convenient spot for many families. It has plenty of schools, as well as lush trails and parks. The nearby Commissioners Road is home to many amenities, too. 


What about a small town? Lambeth is a charming, cosy neighbourhood with a village-like atmosphere that many appreciate. Situated in the southwest of London, this neighbourhood’s older homes hold an unreplicable charm, while the newer developments also tempt young families into the area. 

These are just a few of the neighbourhoods we have to offer.